in a snowy lot
a candy bar wrapper rustles among broken weeds
cigarette butts elbow each other among rocks
gray melting ice cracks softly
water trickles onto a disintegrating sidewalk

my two hands cup
making an empty shadow bowl
raw spring wind brushes the top of my thumbs

nearby a car alarm wails
a lone dog barks in response
a dirtied icicle falls from a nearby roof
bursting into countless shards

i let my hands fall to my sides




de served

ice clinks and water is poured
clear liquid cools parched mouths
as i hand out drinks

i reach for another glass for myself
the cupboard yields one with lime deposits
the next has food dried in the bottom
my fingernail bends as i try to scrape it out
this one has smudges and lipstick marks

ahhh a clean one
i pour ice and water into it
only to find thick gray and white sediment
swirling in a tornado spiral

others drink
i watch, glancing at row of dirty vessels